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Pierce County Intellectual Property Attorney

Patents, Trademarks and Intellectual Property Protection

At Citadel Patent Law, we provide legal services in intellectual property protection through filing copyrights, trademarks, and in trademark prosecution. We provide legal counsel with integrity, experience and excellence in protecting you trade secrets, whether in bio medical / medical devices or electrical and mechanical arts. We provide electronic filing services that are more affordable for both U.S. and international patents.

Our Pierce County intellectual property lawyer concentrates on patent prosecution and patent filings, and can provide the support necessary in significant litigation in intellectual property cases when you need to move forward when you are a victim of an infringement. Your innovation in technology must be protected and there are countless cases in which creative developments are stolen, even cases in which large and respected U.S. firms have been held accountable for patent infringement. These infringements will require legal action to resolve in many cases. Our firm has been engaged in protecting intellectual property rights since 1982 and uses all the most current electronic filing systems, both for United States and international patent and trademark applications.

When you are in development of a new idea or system the most critical move you can make is investing in IP. We develop strategies for safeguarding the value of your creative efforts. We offer skilled legal counsel in all licensing and contracts, IP litigation, and file patents and petitions, and are focused upon patent prosecution in cases in which intellectual property rights have been violated, either locally or in foreign countries. In significant litigation, we provide the support for your case against the firm or individual who used your patented ideas without authority. We assist you in portfolio management, and have the latest technology in electronic filing, including providing services to paperless offices.

Intellectual Property Lawyer in Pierce County

We provide representation for intellectual property rights protection in a wide range of technology areas, including LCD flat panel displays, semiconductors, avionics, defense systems, infrared sensors, fuzzy logic decision trees, automated biological analysis systems, laser-based systems for measurement or other applications, navigation systems, fiber optic gyros, ring laser gyros, all types of computer hardware and software, as well as for medical and bio-medical intellection property including pacemakers, catheters, as well as other scientific and engineering ideas that need intellectual property protection, both in the U.S. and internationally. Being the first-to-file is a critical aspect in protecting your innovation. We remain at the forefront in providing electronic filing services for patent and trademark protection for individuals and companies that must ensure that they are the first to file.

In September, 2011, the Patent Reform Act was passed. How this will affect your innovation can be discussed with you when you meet with us. Under this Act, individuals or businesses that have created a new design, application or system will need to publicly disclose their invention or file a patent provisional. There can be real risks in public disclosure, including the potential of affecting your ability to file an international patent in the future. It is advised that you use patent provisional process to protect your innovation, idea, system or other intellectual property, and advise you to contact our firm if you have an idea in development that is at risk.

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